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Faculty Members

Updated: August, 2017 
Post Name Specialized Field
Professor Yooichi Kainoh Applied Entomology,
Chemical Ecology
Professor Hisayoshi Hayashi Crop Production Systems,
Environmental Preservation,
Plant Gene Resources
Professor Tomohiro Takigawa Agricultural Machinery Engineering
Professor Atsushi Tajima Developmental Biotechnology,
Agricultural Education
Associate Professor Ryozo Noguchi Rural Energy Engineering,
Bioproduction and Machinery
Associate Professor Naoya Fukuda Vegetable Crop Science,
Protected Horticultural Science
Assistant Professor Asano Atsushi Reproductive Biology
Assistant Professor Naoto Ishikawa Livestock Science, Meadow Studies
Assistant Professor Morio Kato Crop Production Systems
Assistant Professor Yoshihiko Sekozawa Gardening, Garden Landscaping
Assistant Professor Naomichi Fujiuchi Environment Control in Biology