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生物資源生産科学実習 <Field Practices in Bioresource Production>

Basic field practices for understanding bioresources production will be covered in this course during the first and second trimesters. Students will develop a deeper appreciation for bioresources production by learning and actually experiencing the theories and techniques used in bioresources production. Overall study of the practices in bioresources production will also help students better understand the relationships between production and the environment. In addition, they will learn the specific terminology and techniques for cultivation practices. Students will be separated into two groups to facilitate greater participation.

生物生産システム学実習 <Field Practices in Bioresource System>

This course focuses on cultivation and animal rearing that provide the foundations of bioproduction systems for plant and animal resources so students can acquire basic knowledge and skills for bioproduction. Students will select a course of study from four areas; crop production, agronomy, animal sciences or forest sciences. Students will be further divided into smaller groups for planning and carrying out a project on a topic related to the course of study selected. The project will include actual on site data collection and require a final report on the results of the study.